The popularity of four-wheeled mopeds is falling – young people prefer scooters and ATVs

The popularity of four-wheeled mopeds (mopoauto) is declining, according to the Traficom Transport and Communications Agency.

Back in 2014-2015, more than 8,000 microcars were driving on the roads of Finland. Last year there were already 5,000 of them.

After the moped (mopo) and the micro-car were divided into different categories of driver’s license in 2013, young people began to give preference to two-wheeled mopeds. As of last year, there were about 111,000 mopeds in service.

In addition, ATVs with a cab (mönkijä) are gaining popularity. To use them, a tractor driver’s license is sufficient, which does not require passing a driving test.