The President of the Czech Republic will meet on Monday with the Cabinet of Ministers

<1> President Milos Zeman will hold talks with the Cabinet of Ministers and Prime Minister Andrei Babis at the castle in Lany on Monday. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers will begin their next meeting at 11:00 instead of the usual 14:00, and in the afternoon they will go to a meeting with the head of state. The meeting will last about an hour and a half. The information was confirmed by the press secretaries of the government and Prague Castle, Jan Adamcova and Jiri Ovchachek, respectively. <2> <3> The Cabinet of Ministers held a similar meeting with the President in February last year, when they went together by bus from the Straka Academy to the President's country house. They discussed the economic impact of the looming coronavirus epidemic, solar energy subsidies and government budgeting. The previous meeting was timed to coincide with the Christmas dinner in December 2018. <4><5> Adamtsova says that this time the ministers will go together not by bus, but by car: “The talks will last another hour and a half. In fact, this is a traditional New Year's dinner with members of the government, which has been postponed several times this year due to the pandemic. " According to Ovchachek, it will be a friendly business meeting dedicated to current events in the country and abroad. <6> <7> At the meeting on Monday, the government will present mainly parliamentary bills. Also, according to Babis, they will discuss whether it is worth introducing coronavirus tests in schools in September. The meeting will finally confirm whether respirators will be replaced with surgical masks in transport and premises on July 1. Minister of Justice Mari Benesova announced that she will propose a new Chief Prosecutor to the government. <8> <9> Source: ČTK <10> <11> <12> <13> Follow the main Czech news together with in a format convenient for you: <14> <15> <16> <17><18> <19> YouTube – getting rid of the Russian accent in Czech <20> <21> <22> <23><24> <25><26> Telegram – short news digest for the day <27><28><29> <30> <31><32><33> <34> Facebook – discussion of news and discussion <35> <36> <37> < 38> <39><40><41> <42> Instagram – photo and video news every day <43> <44> <45> <46> <47>