The prosecutor demanded a fine, but the court sentenced the man to imprisonment for threats and defamation of immigrants on Facebook

The District Court of West Uusimaa sentenced an Espoo resident to 30 days of probation for inciting ethnic hatred.

A man wrote about the murder of immigrant children on Facebook in January 2019. The comments were part of a conversation on another person’s public page.

In his message, the man also expressed the hope that the violence will drive immigrants out of Finland.

In addition to the threat, the man slandered immigrants with false statements.

The court’s decision is exceptional because the sentence was stricter than the prosecution demanded.

Instead of the fine demanded by the prosecutor, the court sentenced the man to imprisonment.

According to the Statistics Center, a fine is imposed for inciting ethnic hatred in about 93% of cases … It usually ranges from 30 to 50 daily fines.