The state of emergency in the Czech Republic will last until February 14

On Thursday, the Chamber of Deputies adopted the Communists’ proposal to extend the state of emergency until February 14. The current state of emergency was in effect until January 22.

54 out of 101 deputies voted for. These were the votes of representatives of the ANO, ČSSD and KSČM parties. 15 SPD MPs and independent MPs opposed the extension.

“The government wants to succeed in combating the epidemic, this is impossible without anti-epidemic measures. We must take comprehensive measures, we cannot apply them without a state of emergency, “the prime minister spoke out in defense of the state of emergency.

The state of emergency has been in effect in the Czech Republic since October 5 last year. Since then, it has been extended four times. The current state of emergency was in effect until January 22, the government demanded an extension for 30 days, that is, until February 21, but the deputies approved the state of emergency only until February 14.

Health Minister Jan Blatny has defended the extension of the state of emergency as the coronavirus is still actively spreading in the Czech Republic, although the epidemic is slowing down.

Thursday’s parliamentary meeting on the state of emergency had to be interrupted for some time after the independent deputy Lubomir Volny started a fight. He demanded a microphone, which was taken away from him after he spoke with insults at the Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Tomasz Hansel. The fight was attended by several deputies and security guards who came to protect Gansel.

Dominic Feri, a deputy known on the social network Instagram under the nickname Choco Afro, also spoke about Volna’s behavior. Feri called Lyubomyr Volny a selfish idiot.