The Swedish Embassy in Minsk does not know what to do with the Belarusians who are hiding on its territory


About father and son Vitaly and Vladislav Kuznechiks, who were given places to sleep, food and hygiene products. As a result, the Belarusians asked for asylum in Sweden. But the issue is still unresolved.

“These two people are still on the embassy grounds. We act in accordance with the circumstances, including protection and security issues, and we conduct a dialogue , the Swedish Foreign Ministry told the publication.

According to AFP, the embassy employees do not want to provoke the Belarusian authorities or force them to react, as well as to attract attention.

For Sweden, this problem is completely unexpected, in history there have been very few such cases , – says the source.

In addition, the publication draws attention to the fact that in November Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde stated that father and son entered the embassy “illegally” and noted that the embassy in Minsk is not Swedish territory.

The president of the human rights organization Ostgruppen, Martin Uggla, commenting on the situation, suggested that the embassy did not want to hand over the Belarusians to the police, but that it was not ready for the situation when other people would start coming with requests for asylum. He sees a way out in the possibility of obtaining guarantees from the Belarusian authorities that the men will not be arrested, or accompanied by the embassy of two Belarusians to the Lithuanian or Polish border.