There are almost no vaccinated among those hospitalized with COVID in Portugal

Almost all patients who had a severe course of coronavirus and were admitted to hospitals were not vaccinated with two doses or received no vaccinations at all.

Almost all patients with coronavirus who are in hospitals in Portugal did not pass full course of vaccinations or no vaccinations at all. This was announced on Wednesday, July 28, by Xinhua, citing Portugal’s General Directorate of Health. with COVID-19 in Portugal. ” Portugal is over 60 years old, but there are also many patients aged 20-39, “the report says.

Portuguese President Marcelo Rebel de Susa said vaccinations are a key means of restoring Portuguese lives.

“Where the vaccine comes, the virus recedes,” he said.

As of Tuesday, 52% of Portuguese residents have completed the full course of COVID-19 vaccination.

Previously also reported that almost all those who have died in Italy from the coronavirus in the past six months have not been fully vaccinated.

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