There are not enough workers in the labor market – many companies attract staff by increasing salaries

The Finnish economy has overcome the decline caused by the coronavirus crisis. Many jobs have appeared on the labor market again – some sectors are even experiencing a strong shortage of workers.

Restaurants, tourism and construction companies, and medical institutions are especially difficult. Labor shortages have been exacerbated by the fact that during the pandemic-triggered lockdown, many workers changed their lines of business.

In the metropolitan area, they are now trying to attract staff through wage increases. In addition, in the restaurant and tourism business, negotiations on salaries at the level of labor market organizations will soon begin.

If the labor shortage persists, salaries may rise faster than usual, however, increasing earnings alone will not solve all the problems.

– Of course, salary is an important factor, but not the only one, – reminds the head of the research department of the PAM services trade union Antti Veyrto. – The main thing is the quality of the workplace. A job that takes into account the well-being of the staff, where the level of salary corresponds to the number of hours worked. It is also important that the management of the enterprise knows their business.