There is no dispute about tastes: it turned out that more than 70% of Spaniards prefer tortilla with onions

They say that there is no dispute about tastes, but people still continue to discuss whether it is possible to consider a pizza with pineapple a classic, and cook a tortilla with onions. Sigma Two conducted an interesting survey among residents of different parts of Spain for the newspaper El Mundo, in which participants were asked to choose a tortilla with or without onions. The results of this survey speak for themselves: 72.7% of the population prefer potato tortilla with onions, 25.3% rely on a recipe that includes only potatoes and eggs, and 2% do not want to choose.

At the same time, Spain’s talented chefs urge you not to limit yourself to gastronomic traditions. They are not afraid to experiment with unusual flavor combinations based on traditional tortilla (with or without onions). Alvaro Gonzalez removes potatoes and adds apple and rice to the dish, Jesus Alonso creates a tortilla with tuna and mayonnaise, and Enrique Valenti with bonito fish in a spicy sauce and canned green peppers.