Third-dose coronavirus vaccine may begin later in the year

Finland is ready, if necessary, to start vaccination with the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine later this year, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

According to Taneli Puumalainen, the head of the department of the Ministry of Social Health , there is no reason to rush the issuance of third vaccinations yet, since, apparently, two components already provide long-term protection.

If the third dose is deemed necessary, vaccination will begin with risk groups.

Currently 46% are fully vaccinated in Finland, 70% received the first dose.

Vaccination 12-15 -year-olds began in mid-August.

Earlier this week, it was reported that there were 1,375 infections among the fully vaccinated, which is less than 13% of all infections among those vaccinated. This means that 56 out of 100,000 fully vaccinated people contracted the coronavirus despite being vaccinated.

Most of the vaccinated infected have a mild illness. However, the risk of a severe form requiring hospitalization increases with age and in vaccinated citizens.

Yesterday, Minister of Family Affairs and Basic Social Services Christa Kiuru (SDP) stated that 90- percent vaccination of the population. Only after that, she said, can we think about lifting the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.