This summer turned out to be the hottest in 100 years in many parts of Finland.

This summer has already turned out to be record-breaking hot in many parts of the country. In order to find out, Yle compared historical data on average daily temperatures in June and July at weather stations.

In Kaisaniemi, in the center of Helsinki, observations have been carried out since 1882, in the Tähtela region of Sodankylä in Lapland – since 1908 of the year. At both of these meteorological stations, the maximum average daily temperatures were recorded this summer.

The same situation is observed at 16 other observation stations. Only at Rovaniemi airport and in the Kevo area of ​​the Lapland town of Utsjoki was it hotter than this year in 1972.

This year also broke the record for the duration of hot weather, that is, the period when the temperature during the day rises above 25 degrees. Kouvola was hot for 31 days this summer. The previous record was set in 2014 with hot weather for 26 days in Helsinki, Kouvola and Khattula.

Finnish Meteorological Center specialist Hannele Korhonen says the exact reasons for the hot summer of 2021 are still unknown. One of the factors, she said, is global warming, which contributes to the fact that one type of weather is delayed for a long time.