This summer’s trendy ice cream is made from sheep’s milk – only one farm in Finland does it

In Jaujo, a small dairy farm produces ice cream from sheep’s milk. At the Pekkola farm, dairy sheep of the East Friesian breed are milked and their milk is made by hand to make ice cream according to the Italian recipe.

36 East Frisian sheep graze at Pekkola Farm. The milk from these sheep is used to make an ice cream called Bäätelö. The Pekkola farm located in the village of Miehoila is the only farm in Finland where domestic ice cream is made from sheep’s milk. The production is carried out according to an Italian recipe and in compliance with Italian technologies, including the use of original ice cream freezers.

– The ice cream is repeatedly beaten, which makes its structure airy and delicate, and the taste more intense, – shares the mistress of the farm Siri Taalas .

Sheep milk ice cream is made in four flavors: vanilla, mint, chocolate and fior di latte – creamy. No synthetic substances are added to ice cream.

Last summer, when the farm first took up commercial ice cream production, the popularity of the product surpassed all expectations.

You will have to come to the farm for ice cream

This year, sheep milk ice cream is only available at Pekkola Farm. You can’t find it in stores and retail outlets.

– We simply don’t have enough production resources. Ice cream sold well last year, and this year we didn’t even try to find a retail channel because we were afraid that we would not be able to provide the necessary volumes of supplies.

Taalas says that at the moment she is most interested in possible cooperation with cafes and restaurants.