THL: 141 new coronavirus cases detected in Finland

There have been 141 new cases of coronavirus infection in Finland, according to the THL Department of Health and Social Development. Also, one new death from coronavirus has been added to the statistics.

The total number of COVID-19 infected has increased to 10,244, and the number of deaths – to 345.

Over the past two weeks, 1386 infections have been diagnosed, which 753 more cases than in the previous 14 days.

Most new infections were detected in Helsinki (+56). More than 10 infected also in Vantaa (+17) and Espoo (+12).

Earlier, the medical authorities of the capital region announced that the epidemic had entered a phase of acceleration, and therefore a decision was made to strengthen the mask regime. It is now recommended to wear masks, in addition to public transport, also in all public areas and during public events.

The authorities also remind of the importance of personal hygiene and maintaining a safe distance. It is also recommended to reduce social contacts whenever possible, for example, to refuse to organize private events with the participation of more than 20 people.

At present, the largest group of infected people are young people aged 15-30.

The deterioration of the epidemiological situation has not yet affected the work of hospitals. There are still few covid patients in regular and intensive care units, the number of deaths has not increased significantly.

As of Friday, 21 patients with COVID-19 are being treated in hospitals, of which four are in intensive care.

In the article at 13:56 added information on the number of deaths and hospitalized