THL names the St. Petersburg restaurant in which Finnish football tourists became infected

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> The Finnish authorities are concerned about the danger of the spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus brought from Russia. <7> <8> The Department of Health and Social Development THL has published the name of the St. Petersburg restaurant on Twitter , in which, presumably, Finnish football fans who came to Russia for the matches of Euro 2020 were massively infected with the coronavirus. This is Alpenhaus, located on Krestovsky Island not far from the Gazprom-Arena stadium. THL calls for special caution among tourists who have visited this restaurant. <9> <10> As of yesterday, about a hundred cases of coronavirus infection have already been detected in Finnish residents who have returned from St. Petersburg. THL has issued a separate press release for those returning from Russia on June 22 and 23. <11><12> <13> Toteutus vaati toimiakseen JavaScriptin. <14> <15><16> According to the department, those who arrived from St. Petersburg by buses of the Neva Tours company on the indicated days should avoid contact with people who are not members of their family and undergo coronavirus testing 72 hours after entering the country. The same applies to passengers on 15 other buses that departed from the northern capital of Russia towards Finland on Tuesday at about 12 noon. <17> <18> – The test must be passed, even if there are no symptoms. And it's important to avoid contact with other people. For example, it is not worth celebrating Johannus if the test result has not yet been received after returning from Russia, ”says Mika Salminen <20>, head of the health safety department at THL <19>. <21> <22> <23> <24> <25> <26> <27><28><29> <30> Viral football <31> <32><33> Finland is extremely concerned about the possible spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus, which is now raging in Russia. This week, the cumulative incidence in Russia jumped to 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days. In Finland, this figure is at the level of 19. In Russia, most cases of infection occur in Moscow and St. Petersburg. <34> <35> In recent days, the trend of detected infections has again gone up in Finland. Since Tuesday, more than a hundred cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country every day. The worst situation is now in Kainuu, in Päijät-Häme and Uusimaa. <36> <37> Lasse Lehtonen, head of the diagnostics department of the Helsinki and Uusimaa medical district HUS <38>, also spoke about the danger of the delta variant of coronavirus entering Finland from Russia<39>. According to him, this week the number of daily detected infections in HUS has doubled compared to last week. He also said that the city authorities are aware of cases when football fans returning from St. Petersburg did not comply with the quarantine. <40> <41> On Tuesday, at the Vaalimaa border checkpoint, about 800 people were allowed into Finland without testing for coronavirus due to a traffic jam at the border. The Kymenlaakso Region Medical District Kymsote then reported a football fan who tested negative at the border. This person went to a bar, took a taxi and participated in a mass event, and after that the second test was positive. <42><43> <44> Toteutus vaati toimiakseen JavaScriptin. <45> <46> <47> <48> <49> <50> <51> <52> <53> <54> <55>