Three talented athletes to represent Spain at the Tokyo Olympics

Athletes always say that vivid emotions from participation in the Olympic Games arise both among young participants who have come to these competitions for the first time, and participants with great experience. The most talented and enduring athletes from all over the world will gather in Tokyo very soon. And we will tell you about three talented Spanish women who are already in a hurry.

Maricelle Mas, 26, synchronized swimming

Photo: Àlex Garcia

If not for her sister Adriana, whose choreographic victories she watched at the age of 5, Maricelle would never have thought about synchronized swimming. So professional sports entered her life, which means daily hard workouts. This year she competes in her first Olympic Games as the captain of the Spanish team. She will travel to Tokyo as the silver and bronze medalist of the European Championships.

Annie Espar, 28, water polo

Photo: Àlex Garcia

For 11 years now, this talented athlete has been part of the Spanish national water polo team under the guidance of renowned coach Mika Oka. The coach calls Annie the “dragon” of the team for her defensive stamina, ability to quickly assess the situation and rally the team. The girl knows the taste of victory well: she and her team became European champions and won other medals. All they lack is the Olympic gold, for which they go to Tokyo. In addition to sporting achievements, Annie can boast of an MBA and her PhD in sports education.

Laia Palau, 41, basketball

Photo: Àlex Garcia

Women’s basketball in Spain has its own star with a huge number of international awards. Her name is Laia Palau. She was born in Barcelona, ​​but thanks to sports, she managed to live in six countries. “One of the things I appreciate most about basketball is the opportunity to live in a different country, which is very enriching for me and gives me an unforgettable adventure,” says Laia. In addition to Spanish, Catalan and English, she also speaks fluent Czech and Polish.

Will you support Spain at the Olympic Games too?