Thunderstorms and new temperature records are expected today – meteorologists predict warmth on Midsummer Day

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> In the southern and central regions, the thermometer can rise to +34 degrees today. At the same time, thunderstorms are expected in the territory from Pohyanmaa to Kainuu, which died down yesterday in Oulu. On Thursday, the stuffiness will recede, and on Midsummer's day the weather promises to be warm, but not hot. <7> <8> Heat reigned in the southern and central regions. Temperatures could rise to record highs in the afternoon. <9> <10> – Today is the hottest day of the week. It is possible that the June temperature record of 33.8 degrees will be broken. It is impossible to say for sure, but in Tampere, for example, the temperature has already risen to 29.5 degrees in the morning, – reports the Yle <11> meteorologist Kerttu Kotakorpi <12>. <13> <14> Yesterday the storm raged in Oulu, today the storm will cover the region between Pohyanmaa and Kainuu. Thunderstorms are expected tomorrow all over the country, except Lapland. <15> <16> – Tomorrow will also be very hot, up to 30 degrees in the south and east. On Thursday, the stuffiness will recede, and at the end of the week temperatures will drop noticeably below 30.<17> <18> On Midsummer Day it will be hot at least in South and Central Finland <19> <20> On Johannus, the weather promises to be still warm, and in the central and southern regions the temperature will rise above 25 degrees. <21> <22> At the end of the week, heat will also come to northern Finland, and in all northern regions, with the exception of the very north of Lapland, the thermometer will rise above plus twenty. <23> <24> On Midsummer's Day the weather promises to be favorable to vacationers. <25> <26> – Strong heat and stuffiness will recede, thunderstorms and torrential rains are not expected either, the weather will be pleasant and fresh, – Kotakorpi promises. <27>