Tintin’s adventures in China comic book cover sold for € 3.2m

The original cover art of the comic book about Tintin’s adventures in China “Blue Lotus” went under the hammer in Paris for 3.175 million euros. This work of the Belgian artist Georges Prosper Remy, better known as Hergé, became the most expensive in the history of the ninth art. However, from the first place, a drawing measuring 35 by 35 centimeters pushed the sketches of the same author of graphic novels, which a few years ago cost one collector 2.65 million euros.

“Blue Lotus” set a new world record for the cost of not only for the works of Hergé, but in general for all comics sold under the hammer in the world, “- noted in the auction house Artcurial, which organized the auction.

Interest in this work was fueled by history. As it turned out, in 1936, publisher Louis Casterman refused to print this version of the cover due to its high cost. Ergé made some changes, and gave the original drawing to the seven-year-old son of Kasterman, who hid the gift and forgot about it for many years. Until recently, only a few knew about the existence of the original. The fact that this work by the Belgian artist had never been put up for sale before also helped to attract attention.

The auction started at 2.2 million euros and ended in 4 minutes at the 2.6 million mark. Together with all commissions and other expenses, the buyer had to pay 3.175 million euros.

It should be noted that it is the creation of the Blue Lotus comic that is considered a turning point in Hergé’s work. The images of the heroes of the artist’s graphic novels have since become more expressive. From 1930 to 1976, 23 albums were released, another one was released in 1986 – three years after the death of Ergé, the artist himself did not have time to finish it.