Tokyo Olympics scored lowest percentage of views

For many TV channels in Spain, the low number of views from the Tokyo Olympics was not a pleasant surprise. Between 23 July and 8 August, 1,857 broadcasts of competitions in 19 sports categories were held. 30.3 million people in Spain have watched games streamed at least once this year. Previously, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 (audience of 31 million people) had the lowest number of views.

The most popular broadcast from Tokyo for the Spaniards was the match between the men’s teams of Brazil and Spain. After football (38.2%), the most popular sports categories were athletics (38%) and basketball (33.1%). Rugby became the least popular sport among the Spaniards in these competitions (0.6%).

Regarding the audience profile of the Olympic Games, the study shows that 62% of viewers are male. Then comes the age group from 45 to 64 years old (42%), followed by people over 64 years old (29%), people aged 25 to 44 years old (19%), people aged 13 to 24 years old (7% ) and persons aged 4 to 12 years (3%).