Tony Blair linked the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan with a “stupid slogan”

In his opinion, the decision, which was made, “following a stupid political slogan about the end of“ eternal wars ”, threatens to shake the world positions of the West

The withdrawal of US forces and their Afghan allies was not a vital necessity, but an unfortunate political choice that threatens the West’s position in the world. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrote about this on his website.

“We didn’t need this. We just made such a decision, and we did it following the stupid political slogan about the end of “eternal wars,” the politician said.

According to the ex-prime minister, over the past 20 years, Afghanistan has managed to achieve, albeit fragile, but real results in the field of democracy, which were worth fighting for. As an example, Blair noted the improvement in living standards, education, and the improvement of women’s rights.

“Undoubtedly, we made mistakes, including serious ones. It was difficult to govern Afghanistan for the entire 20 years of our stay there, “Blair admitted. At the same time, he explained that a difficult situation had developed in the country, since the situation was destabilized by both internal forces and external ones – Pakistan.