Tower Bridge stuck open due to breakage

They have not been able to bring him together for about eight hours. Because of this, traffic jams have formed on both sides of the Thames, drivers are asked to avoid this area

The doors of the Tower Bridge in London could not be brought back due to a technical malfunction after they were opened for passage the vessel, the BBC reports.

The cause of the breakdown was reported by City District Police. The City District Corporation, which operates the bridge, has assured that an investigation into the reasons for stopping the bridge in the raised position is underway, but there is no definite data yet. The bridge cannot be brought together for about eight hours, the breakdown became known at about 14:30 local time.

The closure of the bridge on both sides of the Thames slowed down traffic and created traffic jams. Drivers were asked to avoid the Tower Bridge area whenever possible.

A fire brigade later arrived at the bridge, MyLondon reported.