TV series based on Sophie Oksanen’s novel “Stalin’s Cows”

Tuffi Films has acquired the rights to film the debut novel Sophie Oksanen Stalin’s Cows. A six-episode television series is planned to be shot.

The script for the series will be written by the Finnish theater director and playwright Aino Kivi and the Estonian writer Andra Teede . Kiwi already has experience staging this novel at the Joensuu City Theater in 2018. The actors for the roles in the series have not yet been selected.

The novel “Stalin’s Cows” was released in 2003. He talks about a young Estonian woman, Anna, who lives in Finland. Through the prism of her history, issues are raised about modern Estonia, the Stalinist repressions, the USSR, finding oneself in living conditions in two countries and about eating disorders.

Two films, “Purification” and “Baby Jane “. The novels “The Purification” and “When the Doves Disappeared” have been translated into Russian.