Twenty dead and twenty missing after floods in Belgium

The water is gradually withdrawing from the flooded areas on Friday and the emergency services are expecting to discover other victims. 

Twenty people have died since Wednesday in Belgium due to the floods which devastated much of the country. This official assessment given at midday Friday by the national crisis center could become even worse. Twenty other people are missing, Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden said in a statement.

Water was gradually withdrawing from the flooded areas on Friday and relief workers expected to find water. other victims. “We can expect unpleasant surprises,” said Antoine Iseux, spokesperson for the crisis center. For their part, some Belgian media reported at least 23 deaths recorded in the morning.

Liège particularly affected

The province of Liège in the east of the country is the most affected by floods and concentrates most of the relief operations. The municipalities of Verviers and Pepinster alone have recorded at least ten deaths.

In Pepinster, on the banks of the Vesdre, around twenty houses collapsed, according to mayor Philippe Godin. “We have about ten people deceased and nearly ten people whom we have not heard from,” said the elected official.