Two Finns who arrived from Kiev received fines at the airport for refusing coronatest

According to Police Commissioner Yarmo Oyala, fines have to be issued in such cases from time to time.

Eastern Uusimaa police on Monday fined two Finns about 30 years old at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The reason for the fine was the refusal to undergo coronavirus tests.

Both Finns received 16 daily fines for violation of public health safety. After that, the police released the violators. The police have no information where the fined went after that.

Finns who received fines arrived home on a flight from the capital of Ukraine. The board was sent in full force for testing.

According to Police Commissioner Jarmo Ojala , Finnish travelers could not legally be quarantined because they did not pass the test. The decision to send to quarantine is made by the epidemiologist if there is a positive test for coronavirus.

– The City of Vantaa determines which flights passengers should be tested. It was one of those flights, says Ojala. “In such cases, the police can issue a fine because people refuse to make a mandatory appointment by the authorities.

According to Oyala, this happens from time to time at the airport. The exact number of travelers who refuse tests is unknown.

– Such cases occur, and the police regularly fine for them. However, I cannot provide statistics, – comments Ojala.