Two scout counselors are suspected of sex crimes – the police are aware of five victims, some of whom are minors

Helsinki police are investigating a case in which two people are suspected of sex crimes against children and adolescents. At the moment, the police are aware of five victims, all of them girls or women.

The suspects were counselors in the scout organization. It is reported that one of them is over 20 years old, the second is over 40 years old. They are now barred from scouting.

It is believed that the crimes were committed over several years. According to the police, the case is being investigated under two articles of the Criminal Code: sexual abuse, as well as sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of a child, since some of the victims were under 16 years old, and the rest were 16-18 years old.

– This refers to repeated statements of a sexual nature at scouting events. In addition, we suspect that one of the suspects sent sexual messages to the victims. In the case of one of the suspects, we are also investigating the fact of rape and forced sexual intercourse, ”says chief investigator Jutta Antikainen

According to Antikainen, it is possible that there are actually more victims. A preliminary investigation is underway to find out the real number of victims.

The police are working with the Metropolitan Scout Association, which has already informed the scouts and their parents.

The investigation began a couple of weeks ago, when one of the victims filed a criminal complaint.

According to Chief Investigator Antikainen, this is a scout organization in the capital. However, in order to ensure the confidentiality of information about those involved in the case, the police do not disclose details.