UK predicted that COVID-19 vaccination would last “for years to come.”

Scientists believe that over time, the effect of vaccines will weaken, so revaccination will be required. However, it is still difficult to name the optimal period between vaccinations

Vaccination campaigns against coronavirus will continue for several more years. This is stated in a report by the UK Government Emergency Advisers Group (SAGE).

Experts have concluded that the protection now provided by COVID-19 vaccines is likely to weaken over time. This will require revaccination of the population.

“It is very likely that the vaccine-induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2 infection and potentially severe disease will weaken over time. Therefore, it is likely that vaccination campaigns will continue for many years, “the document says.

The authors of the report note that they do not yet know how often they will need to be re-vaccinated against coronavirus. British virologists and epidemiologists reported that the vaccine is likely to protect citizens well from severe forms of COVID-19 even over time. It is the effectiveness against infections and the mild course of the disease that will decrease.