Valencia Zoo refreshes animals with ice cream and artificial rain

During the sweltering heat that has covered the whole of Spain, the employees of the Valencia Zoo are even more attentive to the comfort of its inhabitants. The creation of special conditions is not limited to the expansion of shadow zones and refreshing artificial rain.

A refreshing tradition for all the animals of the zoo is also the opportunity to enjoy ice cream and sherbets, which are made from the favorite delicacies of each of them. Fruits, vegetables, juices or muesli for herbivores turn into real ice cream on these hot days. For carnivores, ice cream is made from fish, worms and raw meat.

Eating frozen delicacies is good physical activity for zoo residents, as refreshing prey hanging on special mounts still needs to be obtained. Elephants, for example, are great experts at catching giant ice cream. For smaller species such as meerkats or lemurs, mini ice cream is made from juices, fruits and cereals. Park workers report that local giraffes were the most surprised at the frozen treat, but ice cream made from chopped strawberries, celery, orange, chard and cabbage quickly came to their liking.

The protocol of the summer season also includes a special summer diet, which contains more water and fewer calories. The zoo is designed in such a way that all kinds of animals can enjoy the shade and refreshing waters. Until September 12, the zoo is open from 10:00 to 20:00.

In this way, Bioparc Valencia reaffirms its commitment to creating a space where animals feel free and comfortable every day. This is why it is loved by both locals and tourists from all over the world.