Warm weather will last for at least ten more days

The warm weather now in Finland will last at least another ten days, reports Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela . On Thursday the temperature will drop slightly, but by the weekend the thermometer will again jump above 25 degrees.

Today, heat is expected in the south and east of the country. There will be a cold snap in the northern regions, but it will not last long. Summer temperatures may return to western Lapland as early as Thursday.

The mass of warm air contributes to the formation of thunderclouds and rainstorms. Over the next ten days, they are most likely to occur early next week.

Because of the warm weather, water bodies also warm up. In the lakes, the water temperature reaches 24 degrees, even the water in the Baltic Sea exceeds 20 degrees. This creates conditions for the appearance of blue-green algae in the water (they are also cyanobacteria). According to the Environmental Center, blue-green algae are already found in the waters of the Turku archipelago, in the capital region, as well as in lakes throughout the southern half of the country from the latitude of Raahe.

Record heat is now in the entire hemisphere. An unprecedented heat hit the northwestern regions of North America and the west coast. In Canada, a temperature record was broken: in the province of British Columbia on Monday, a temperature of 47.9 degrees Celsius was recorded. The US state of Oregon recorded a temperature of 44.4 degrees.