Weekly meeting of the Czech Cabinet of Ministers: what’s on the agenda today

At a weekly meeting on Monday, the government led by Prime Minister Andriy Babis will discuss, among other things, the possible transfer or sale of coronavirus vaccines that the Czech Republic does not need.

The press conference is scheduled for 16:00, 420on.cz editors will announce the results.

4.5 million people in the Czech Republic have been fully vaccinated, and 5.3 million people received at least the first dose of vaccine. Interest in coronavirus vaccinations has been declining in recent weeks, especially among young people. There is enough vaccine, 23.9 million doses have been ordered for 8.5 billion kronor.

So ​​during a meeting on Monday, the cabinet is discussing a plan according to which the Czech Republic could donate or sell surplus vaccines to some countries. Prime Minister Babis said on Sunday that 250,000 doses will be donated to Vietnam and another 200,000 are to be sent to Taiwan.

The Cabinet will also discuss the proposal to appoint Pavla Svrchinova as Chief Hygienist of the Czech Republic. This is now a delegated function only. She was the only one who applied for participation in the tender.

But there are also non-civic topics in the program. The government will review a report on the state of cybersecurity in the Czech Republic last year. In this context, it will also consider changes in the mandate of the State Security Council Committee (BRS pro kybernetickou bezpečnost), where the head of the National Cyber ​​and Information Security Administration (NÚKIB) will be empowered in the event of a threat to convene an extraordinary committee meeting.

Other points of the meeting include, for example, reports on the activities of the Czech Social Security Administration (ČSSZ) and the Czech Mining Board for the last year. The ministers will also discuss a possible expansion of the Museum of Applied Arts collections with Cubist works worth almost 31 million kroons.