What little joys make the people of Madrid happy?

<1><2><3> <4> <5> Walking around the city is full of small joys, you just need to learn to notice and enjoy them. The Spaniards know how and advise you. Wherever you are, take a look around and enjoy the many little things! In the meantime, we will find out what little city joys make the residents of Madrid happy. <6> <7> Lying and reading a book in Retiro park <8> <9> No matter how capital residents love the city bustle, sometimes everyone needs a little peace and quiet in unity with nature. City parks are perfect for this. <10> <11> Meeting a friend on the street <12> <13> In the busy metropolitan crowd you can always meet acquaintances, even the very distant ones will surely greet you. Any chance meeting is an opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk and immediately have a coffee in a nearby bar. <14> <15> Pet a dog on the street <16><17> Madrid is full of dogs. According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are 64,000 registered pets in the capital. And this exceeds the number of children under the age of ten. Dog owners in Spain always love attention to their pets. <18> <19> Drinking water from the drinking fountain <20> <21> Drinking water from the drinking fountains located in different parts of the capital is a special kind of pleasure. <22> <23> Finding what you were looking for in the famous Rastro market < 24> <25> Finding what was planned at a flea market is considered a rather difficult task. But this happens in the Rastro market. The advice of outgoing merchants and the overheard conversations of other visitors may lead you to this thing. <26> <27> Tapas <28> <29> If the Spaniards go out for a bottle of beer or a glass of something stronger, then the perfect tapas will always come in handy and raise mood. <30> <31> A short escape to the natural surroundings of the Sierra Norte de Madrid <32><33> Sometimes you don't have to travel very far to escape the chaos. A few kilometers from Madrid there is a true natural paradise, the Sierra Norte de Madrid. Breathing fresh air, walking, contemplating the beauty of nature – all this cannot but make us happy. <34> <35> And what made you happy today? <36> <37> <38>