What was Lionel Messi’s life in Catalonia

Leo Messi’s departure from Barcelona is also the football player’s farewell to Catalonia in general and its capital in particular. On this land, he began his career, achieved great success, and started a large family. A few months ago, Messi gave an interview with Jordi Evole, where he spoke not only about his sports career, but also about his life in Barcelona, ​​which was his home for many years.

The life of a football player in Barcelona can be called quite simple, despite the great fame of the athlete. “I get up early in the morning, we have breakfast together, I go to training, after which Antonella and I take the children and spend time with them. We return after 20:00, have dinner and go to bed, ”- this is how Messi described his daily life. Earlier, the footballer admitted that he was very sad because of the inability to go to the beach, to the cinema or to walk calmly through the streets of his beloved city.

However, Leo did go out to his favorite restaurants with his family and friends. His favorites have always been the Formatgeria Llívia restaurant in Girona, where they often celebrated family holidays, and the Casanova Beach Club restaurant in Castelldefels, where his family always felt at home with a close friend who owned the restaurant. At El Chalito, an Argentinean restaurant in Castelldefels, Messi would often order takeaways in the winter and gather his friends in the summer. In this coastal town, the footballer is also frequently seen in restaurants such as El Roxy, El Torreón and El Calamar.