What will be given for the injection?

From June 15, France will begin to vaccinate adolescents aged 12-18 against coronavirus. Romania has already begun to vaccinate adolescents of this age category, Germany and Poland want to follow its example from June 7, Euronews reports.

Countries are forced to use tricks to speed up the pace of vaccination. For example, in South Korea, the three largest movie theater chains offer discounts of 50-60 percent on tickets to visitors who have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. You just need to show the corresponding certificate at the checkout. The organizers of a punk rock show in the American St. Petersburg, Florida promised the vaccinated tickets for only $ 18, while for unvaccinated citizens they will cost $ 999.99. And in New York City, some vaccination stations gave out free weekly subway passes for the vaccine.

In West Virginia, from June 20 to August 4, there will be a lottery for the vaccinated, where they will compete … five custom-made hunting rifles or five of the same exclusive shotguns. Other prizes include $ 1.5 million for first place and half a million for second place, two pickup trucks, five lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, and a certificate for 25 weekend trips to state parks. In addition, citizens between the ages of 12 and 25 will compete for two full four-year scholarships to study at any university in the state. To participate, it is enough to have a certificate of at least one dose of vaccination against the coronavirus.

Five custom-made hunting rifles will be drawn in the lottery for the vaccinated in West Virginia.

A similar lottery will be held in Hong Kong, only the main prize will be an apartment with an area of ​​almost 42 square meters with one bedroom in Kwun Tong County. These apartments cost approximately $ 1.4 million. There are only two conditions: to be a permanent resident of Hong Kong over 18 years old and have a certificate of receiving two doses of the vaccine. True, at the moment, only about 20 percent of Hong Kongers can boast of fulfilling the second point. In addition to the apartment, it will also be possible to compete for 20 gift cards worth 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars. Non-permanent residents, including holders of work visas, will also be allowed to apply for these prizes.

In Dubai, the local Sports Council has provided vaccinated residents with free passes to selected fitness clubs. And in the district of Mae Chaem in Thailand, you can get … a cow for a vaccination. The lucky owner of a pet, which costs approximately $ 318, will be randomly selected from among those vaccinated each week. A similar action is taking place in a small town in the suburbs of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In another city in the region, 25 kilograms of rice will be raffled off among vaccinated residents every week. And in the province of Ilocos Sur, a lottery will be held, where the prize will be a land plot with a house. Australian airline Qantas has also decided to help accelerate the pace of vaccinations, which will give its passengers an annual free economy class ticket for families of four.