Where does the Spanish royal family spend their holidays?

Every year in August, the royal couple embark on a secret journey after their traditional public holiday on the island of Mallorca. This year they arrived on the island on 4 August and are already actively visiting iconic places and natural parks. This is their so-called public leave.

In the second half of August, the royal family usually goes on their private leave away from cells and daily royal duties. Therefore, it is not surprising that this part of the holiday is kept secret. In early August, the inhabitants of Spain begin to wonder where Philip, Leticia and their daughters might go.

As you know, Philip and Leticia are very fond of traveling the world, studying the culture and history of various countries. They travel around the Mediterranean very often. The Greek islands, the Croatian coasts, southern Italy and the Portuguese Algarve region are among their favorites lately. All these trips were never announced in advance: they are always known only from the words of tourists who accidentally meet the royal couple on vacation.

In 2010, Leticia was photographed with Leonor and Sofia in the Portuguese region of the Algarve, when they enjoyed their stay at the São João do Arade castle, owned by the businessman Vasco Pereira, a great friend of the royal family. Two years later, they will repeat this journey together with Leticia’s mother Paloma Rocasolano. In 2016 Paloma also traveled to Istanbul with her daughter and her son-in-law and granddaughters.

In 2016, it was revealed that the family was also enjoying a few days off the coast of Croatia on a cruise in the Aegean Sea. In 2018, they traveled to the Greek island of Mykonos with their nieces Amanda and Karla, daughters of Leticia’s sisters.

This year, Queen Leticia’s bronze tan made many Spaniards think that perhaps she and her husband had already enjoyed a private vacation even before the official departure to the island of Mallorca. Last year, Philip and Leticia canceled their secret vacation abroad due to the pandemic and the large amount of work associated with it. They only took a short break with their daughters at their residence in Madrid.