Who knocks on my house

A married couple with three children have been looking for housing for a long time in the cozy, full of greenery town of Villepreux, which is two dozen kilometers west of Paris. And finally I opted for a two-story house. He suited both the price and the layout. True, there was one small “but” that was not noticed at first: their house was adjacent to an identical residential building.

The problems began in just a few weeks. The fact is that there was a lady behind the wall whose favorite pastime was to bring people to white heat. It all started with the fact that at night the police came to them. It turned out that, to put it mildly, an extraordinary person, having called the police station, announced that her neighbor was “brutally beaten” by her husband. However, law enforcement officers did not find any traces of beatings. Then the restless neighbor began both day and night to carry out supposedly repair work.

“The hammering sound, the shrill howl of the drill. We couldn’t sleep, our nerves were just at the limit. It was unbearable,” says Isabelle, the mother of the family. Her car did not go unnoticed either. “If I didn’t find broken eggs on the hood, it was dog excrement collected in the area,” Isabelle says indignantly, adding that not only she and her household, but also other neighbors get it from an extravagant person. When they began to make inquiries, they learned that the former owner of the house got rid of him precisely for this reason, but hid the “defect” from buyers. Isabelle and her husband contacted the mayor’s office, complained to the police, but learned that the lady had not only a vile character, but also problems with her head. So the last hope of the spouses is for the regional department of the Ministry of Health, with the help of which, perhaps, it will be possible to send their tormentor for treatment.

Alas, there are a great many similar stories in France when conflicts between neighbors break out. If it is not possible to settle the conflict peacefully, the French turn to the city prefecture, where a special department deals with such violations. The so-called “judicial conciliators” can also come to the rescue.

There are a great many stories in France when conflicts between neighbors break out

These, as a rule, are former justice professionals with extensive experience who, on a voluntary basis, understand everyday strife … Tribunals (courts) of small instance consider cases with alleged damages of up to 10 thousand euros. If more than this amount, then the complaint should be addressed to the tribunal of a large instance. Long and tedious procedure: local courts are literally inundated with such cases.