Who will be vaccinated against coronavirus first?

More than 200 different vaccines against the COVID-19 virus are currently being developed in the world. Which vaccine is used in Finland and who gets it first depends on a number of different factors.

Authorization is required to market a vaccine. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said it is currently considering licensing two vaccines: one developed at Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and the other by the pharmaceutical companies Bio Tech and Pfizer.

EALS is trying to do efficacy analyzes. safety and quality as quickly as possible, but meeting all the requirements of quality and safety.

When will the evaluation of the sales license be ready?

According to the Chief Physician of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Sari Ekholm , it usually takes six months.

Chief Physician of the THL Department of Health and Social Development Hanna Nohinek notes that EALS has promised that after receiving the latest results of clinical trials, THL will consider a possible grant of a license.

Who will be to vaccinate against coronavirus in the first place?

In Finland, the vaccination procedure is still in preparation. Hanna Nohinek says that the preliminary proposal of specialists will be submitted to a wider range of experts in October-November. The content of the proposal is still unknown.

Hanna Nohinek: In many countries, the elderly and those in the medical profession who are at risk of infection due to their work, as well as those at risk of people are the first to receive the vaccine.

Sari Ekholm: Medical professionals working with patients at increased risk of infection will be the first to receive the vaccine.

Is the procedure for administering vaccinations different from the 2012 pandemic plan?

Nanna Nohinek: Different. During the swine flu epidemic, older people were better protected from influenza because they had contracted the A (H1N1) virus before. Children and young people were at greatest risk then. Now the situation is opposite. Citizens over 70 are at greatest risk.

Therefore, adults, the elderly and people at risk will be vaccinated first. Vaccination of young children is not being considered yet.

Will vaccination be voluntary?

Nanna Nohinek: Participation in vaccination in Finland is always voluntary. What recommendations we can make depends on how large batches of vaccine we will receive and what we know about the risks associated with the disease and the possible side effects of the vaccine.

When will the vaccine become available for everyone?

Nanna Nohinek: I do not believe that it will be available to everyone in the first stage. However, over time, when other vaccines become available on the market, this is likely to change.