Finland to stop evacuation flights on Friday – now looking for alternative overland routes

According to Yle, Finland plans to complete the evacuation from Afghanistan tomorrow. There are still about 170 people in Afghanistan who are awaiting evacuation to Finland.

Among them, two dozen Finnish citizens or holders of a permanent residence permit who applied for consular assistance, and about 150 local residents who worked for Finland, the EU or NATO.

According to the Foreign Ministry, there is the likelihood that all the people on the list will not be taken out on time. The deadline for evacuation depends on the situation at the Kabul airport.

– I cannot confirm this information at the moment. Planning is ongoing. It all depends on what the conditions are at the airport. That is, how many people are there who want to leave the country, what is the state of the runway, how many planes take off. There are a lot of open questions here. But the work is ongoing, – says the Finnish Ambassador to Afghanistan Pekka Kosonen .

When air traffic stops, routes to neighboring countries by land will be considered. Borders with Iran and Pakistan are still partially open.