Yle Poll: Coalition Party Remains Most Popular Party in Country

The Coalition Party remains the most popular party in the country, according to a recent poll by Yle.

The opposition party’s rating is 20.5% … This is 0.7% more than in the previous poll.

The party of the Prime Minister of the SDP ranks second with support of 19.0% (-0.6%). The third most popular party is the opposition True Finns. It was supported by 17.9% (+ 0.1%) of the respondents.

Most of all, by 1.2%, the support of the centrists entering the government fell. Now 12.3% of respondents are ready to vote for the party.

“Greens” occupy the fifth line in the poll with support of 10.9% (+ 0.5%). Support for the rest of the parties: Union of Left Forces – 8.6% (+ 0.6%), Swedish People’s Party – 4.3% (-0.2%), Christian Democrats 3.4% (+ 0.1%), Movement “Now” – 1.8% (-0.1%).

The margin of error for the survey conducted in July-August is + -2%.