“You are a selfish idiot”: Dominic Feri condemned a colleague who came without a mask to a meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Chechen Republic

Lubomir Volny, elected to the lower chamber from the SPD, arrived at the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic wearing a T-shirt and no mask. TOP 09 MP Dominic Feri called him “a selfish idiot” because of this.

Feri reacted after Volny without a mask for half an hour spoke in the pulpit of the Chamber of Deputies, where on Thursday the extension of the state of emergency is being discussed.

“What happened here is absolutely incredible. Dear sir Volny, you are a selfish idiot, because you speak here without a mask, without a mask, directly into the microphone. You have no rudimentary taste and cannot wear a mask during your performance. This is something absolutely incredible, ”said Feri, known on Instagram as @choco_afro.

At the beginning of the week, Volny announced in a video posted on social media that he and his colleague Marian Boyek were not will wear a mask in the parliament building.

“This is our free political and social decision,” they said.

Photo: Česká televize ČT24

On Thursday, Boyko made a speech at the plenary session three hours after Wolna, also in a T-shirt and without a mask, to which the Deputy Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Vojtech Pikal, who presided over the meeting, reacted.

“ I would like to point out that the order is in force – we must wear masks. I respect your right to violate whatever is possible, but I consider it my duty to draw attention to it, ”he replied.

According to the parliament website, there is a duty to wear a mask or other respiratory protection inside the building .

“If we deal with this, we will only please Mr. Volny, who did this with the intention of attracting attention to himself. I think that the person who presided over the meeting should have taken the floor away from him when he started recording there, ”said Chairman of the Chamber of Deputies Radek Vondracek, adding that he agreed with Mr. Feri.