Youssef Asad Alkatib fled the war in Syria and decided to become an actor – now he is a student at the Theater Academy

<1> <2> <3> <4> <5> <6> "Hi! I am Youssef. I would like to become an actor. I have a lot of energy, but no experience. Could you help?" <7> <8> Here is an email <9> Youssef Asad Alkatib <10> sent to a number of Finnish actors in March 2017. He was 16 years old and had just arrived in Finland as a refugee from Syria. <11> <12> Assad's acting Alcatib became interested in Greece, where, while awaiting distribution to one of the European countries, he worked as a janitor in the theater for a couple of weeks. While the actors were leaving for a break, he tried on costumes and imitated their speech. <13> <14> The theater director recognized the talent and offered to play a supporting role in his next production. <15> <16> Soon, however, Asad Alcatib was informed that he was granted asylum in Finland, and the role remained unplayed. <17> <18> Arriving in Finland, the Syrian felt that in life, a new stage has begun and he can become anyone – for example, an actor. <19> <20> <21> <22> <23> <24> <25> <26> <27><28> <29> Doors National Theater opened < 30><31> Assad Alcatib received a response to his email. One professional Finnish actor sent him the contact details for 15 theaters. After spending only four hours in Finland, Asad Alcatib has already managed to contact each of them. <32> <33> And the National Theater responded. Already at the end of 2017, the Syrian played in the play “Second House” (Toinen koti), which told the stories of art workers who came to Finland on refugee status. <34> <35> – I only had two lines, but this was a good start. I made useful contacts and got a good resume on my resume. <36> <37> Gradually he felt the desire to share his life experiences through art. In the Finnish-Arab Art Society (NAFAS), Asad Alcatib learned that on stage you need to live, not play. He also became interested in writing and directing work. <38> <39> This is how the play “Happened in Palmyra” (Tapahtui Palmyrassa) was born, about the terror of IS in the hometown of Assad Alcatib. <40> <41> <42> <43> <44> <45> <46> <47> <48> <49><50> A new goal was to enter the Theater Academy <51> <52> The path to one of the most prestigious and desired universities in the country was not easy. The first time, when Asad Alkatib applied, he was refused on the grounds of lack of a high school diploma. The next year he entered with a certificate in hand. This time the refusal was justified by the fact that he does not speak Finnish as his native language. <53> <54> – This seemed ridiculous to me. I believe that knowing the language is important, but I can perfectly convey my feelings in Arabic as well. <55> <56> He did not give up, but told all his friends and acquaintances that he would definitely do it: if not this year, then next. <57> <58> This year, Asad Alcatib has applied for the third time. The selection criteria were softened, and knowledge of Finnish as a native was no longer required. He was invited to the entrance exam, which at the Theater Academy lasts for several days. <59><60> And finally, in early June, the long-awaited decision of the jury came: 21-year-old Asad Alcatib became one of the 12 lucky ones who entered the faculty of acting out of 1300 applicants. <61> <62> Asad Alcatib's next goal is to receive the national Jussi award, given to cinematographers. <63>